About Me

Hoge KempenI have lived in Belgium for the past 27 years and in that time I have got to know and love this varied country. Every Saturday morning I try and take off and explore some area of this interesting country. And for weekend breaks we often rent a holiday cottage in the Ardennes.

I’m married to Liz, and we have four adult children aged between 23 and 29.

I’m a freelance technical copywriter and journalist and I work from our home in Herent, near Leuven.



Feel free to drop me a line if you have a comment about this website, or a suggestion of a place to visit and write about.

Denzil Walton

13 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Denzil:
    Taru from WIC TOURS has forwarded your website/blog to myself and Helen Palk as we will be taking over the WIC TOURS group for next year. Of course we have to get busy now to plan ahead…I have submitted my email for blog updates and look forward to taking a day trip with you one day. I’ve just returned home from the floralia-brussels…splendid, indeed.


  2. Hi,
    Just came across your blog & thought you might be able to offer ideas.
    We are travelling to Begium for the 1st time later this month. We arrive at Brussels airport and have booked 1 night in Brugge & 1 night in Antwerp. Originally, thought we’d rent a car at BRU and travel, we are staying 3 nights outside of Namur with family friends. Our final destination is a wedding in Heidelburg the first weekend in July.
    I just found out that there is a 300euro surcharge to return rental car in Stuttgart, so I am now thinking about renting 2 cars, one for Belgium and i for Germany and taking trains in between.
    I would love any advice that you could offer, including places to see, where to find train inf, etc.


  3. Hi Denzil. So happy to have found your site. I am looking for a good 3 day walk in a scenic part of Belgium that is accessible by train from Brussels. There is so little I found on the web in english.

    I was hoping for a 30-35 mile walk. I will do this in November so I know it will be chilly :). Any recommendations on the right maps, etc. would be great.

    Thanks so much for your recommendations.


  4. Hi Denzil, This week I am spending four days exploring parts of Flanders and I would like to see Castle Marnix de Sainte Aldegonde in Bornem. I know I can’t go inside without an organised tour, but can you advise where might be a good place to view the castle? Can it easily been seen from the street or is it better to view it from across the water, Oude Schelde?


    • Hi Wendy. You can see the castle from across the other side of the River Schelde, from Binnendijkstraat. Unfortunately you are more likely to get a better view in the winter when the trees are not in leaf. But I am fairly confident that you will be able to see it in June too, although it’s a few years since I was there. In fact there is a marked footpath that goes along the Binnendijkstraat. I will email you a map that shows it.


      • Hi Denzil, just to let you know I did get a good view of the castle across the River Schelde. As you said there are a lot of leafy trees but there was one very clear view, and its a beautiful castle. Thanks for your advice and for sending me the map.


  5. Dear Denzil, Thanks to you that I came across the wood craft in Belgium… I am very very interested in learning wood crafting especially using scroll machine… Do you know someone apart from Patrick who can teach me.. He gives lessons, but they only start in September… I would be very thankful for your info !


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