Silent Fields by Bart Heirweg

A wonderful photo book of the Flemish war sites

Bart1Here’s a great idea for a gift. “Silent Fields” is a beautiful new photo book by Bart Heirweg that documents the war sites and landscapes in Flanders Fields. It’s wonderfully evocative, and some of the photos simply take your breath away. It’s the result of two years of work and over 16,000 photos. Copies of the book can be ordered from your local Belgian bookshop, vir Amazon, or the Lannoo website. Bart’s own website, contains details of his other excellent work.

And here’s a sneak preview of Silent Fields.

4 comments on “Silent Fields by Bart Heirweg

  1. Thanks for the tip, Denzil! I’ve just ordered a copy — beautiful photos just in time for the WWI centenary.
    Happy holidays! Wendy


  2. I followed the link and these photos brought back memories of our visit to these places. How gorgeous.


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