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Schulensbroek: On, around and under the water

The largest lake in Flanders was my destination today. The Schulensbroek lies close to the E314 as it enters the province of Limburg from the west.  There is an excellently signposted 10-km walk around the lake and the surrounding fields, and even a village with a café exactly halfway around the circuit. Unfortunately it was a heavily overcast morning, so the photos don’t do the place justice. Here is the map of the route.

The walk starts at ‘t Vloot visitor centre:


From here the path heads along the shores of the lake:

P1050372P1050496_1280x960P1050381There are hundreds of ducks, geese and other waterbirds on and around the lake:


Even blocking the path


Including Mother Goose, Pa Goose and the two kids

I also spotted a kingfisher, reed warblers, reed buntings, stonechats, herons, and heard the weird and incredible song of the grasshopper warbler.

The path then leaves the lake and heads through some peaceful and verdant fields.


P1050428P1050430P1050434You then come to the village of Schulen, with its strange church,

P1050456this extremely comfy car shelter,

P1050458and a do-it-yourself horse-jumping arena (click to see larger photos).

I think this guy in a neighbouring field had some other kind of sport in mind:

P1050439The route then takes you back to the other end of the lake. I believe that the lake is full of fish. How do I know? Well, there are two big clues. One is this board which describes all the different fish you can catch here.

P1050498_1280x960The other is the presence of plenty of fishermen trying to catch them.

Why, I wonder, do you never see fisherwomen? Any ideas … add a comment.

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  1. Even for those who cannot or do not wish to walk, the view from the terrace of Het Vloot is superb; I just love sitting there, enjoying a drink and the scenery 🙂


    • The three are not mutually exclusive Wendy! Although I can’t quite see you sitting in a boat with a fishing rod in one hand, a glass of Burgundy in the other, and a colouring book on your lap!


  2. Always drawn to water, Denzil, so I followed you here. 🙂 Expert friends of mine suggest that in poor lighting black and white photography often works well. But I’m no expert…
    No fisherwomen? Would a female have time to just sit? 🙂


    • Good suggestion Jo; I tried B/W once but didn’t think to consider it this time. And as your moniker is “Restless” Jo, I can’t imagine you sitting and staring at the water for ages!


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