All places on a map of Belgium

An easy map to see all the places mentioned on Discovering Belgium

13 comments on “All places on a map of Belgium

  1. How clever you are Denzil. I really enjoy reading your posts and remembering all the beautiful places we visited in Belgium.

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  2. readinghiding

    Hi Denzil,
    Love your approach on this blog. I myself am from Ghent :). I learned a lot of new stuff about our country trough this blog. Thanks for that!


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  4. What a useful map for when I visit one day. Thank you.

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    • Thanks Donna. I hope it helps one day.
      P.S. You don’t have to visit all the places! 🙂


      • I coul never visit all the places, but it is nice to have a huge choice. In London, we did something similar, went to places where others did not. Took tours to less popular places. It was great.

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  5. Belgium is beautiful and there is a lot to discover.
    Thanks for some inspiration for my next trip to the country.

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