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When do the bluebells bloom in the Hallerbos?

Hallerbos bluebells

Get ready for a superb natural spectacle. Bluebells. Millions of them

For a 2018 update: read this blog post.

I can always tell when spring is approaching – from the traffic to my blog! In particular, the search terms “bluebells” and “Hallerbos” start being seen in large numbers in the search engine statistics, along with questions like “When are the bluebells in flower in the Hallerbos?”

It’s no surprise. The bluebells of the Hallerbos constitute a spectacular wild flower phenomenon on the doorstep of Brussels, and with the increasing daylight and (hopefully soon!) increasing temperatures, people begin to wonder when the bluebells will be flowering, where to see them, how to get there etc.

I blogged about the bluebells a few years ago here. In that post I gave a little history to the place, suggested some other wild flowers to see that you may miss in the sea of blue, and mentioned some of the bird songs to listen out for. I also challenged children to look out for white bluebells!

Since then, the Agency for Nature and Forest Management has developed an excellent website called Welcome to the Hallerbos. It really is extremely comprehensive, and tells you everything you need to know: car parks and public transport, walks of various distances, cafés and accommodation, the Forest Museum, and even how children can celebrate a birthday party in the forest.

The best bit of the website though is the Flowering Season 2018. These are photos and short videos that are uploaded every few days and which show which wild flowers are currently in flower. It’s a bit like a “bluebell webcam”. Not only does it give you accurate information as to the best days to see the bluebells, thus avoiding disappointment by going too early or too late, but it also whets your appetite regarding the other wild flowers that you can see.

So, keep an eye on this website, make time to pay a visit to the Hallerbos, and enjoy this superb natural spectacle!



15 comments on “When do the bluebells bloom in the Hallerbos?

  1. I would love to see the bluebells flowering one day. The website sounds very useful and I like the way they have public transport information. We don’t hire a car when we travel so we need to have transport info handy. Gorgeous photo Denzil.

  2. You have bluebells and we have lupines. Nice. 🙂

    • Lupins would be lovely to see wild Judy. We have them over here but only as a garden flower.

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  4. beautiful place… It’s like a castle is built on the other side of the forest and a princess will walk down the bluebell field any moment.. Possibly, singing(If its Disney!).

  5. That one picture speaks a thousand words. I love Bluebells (who doesn’t?). Thank you for this lovely article and for all the useful information/links. 🙂

  6. Een schouwspel met niets te vergelijken.Ben er ool al vaak geweest en word het nooit moe.Duizenden en duizenden wilde hyacinten zorgen voor een schouwspel van kleur en zeemzoete geur in de bossen.Magnificent

  7. A spectacular sight.

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