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Walking in the Voerstreek

I went out for the day yesterday and came back having fallen in love.

I told Liz and she was very understanding. She said she’d like to get to know the object of my affections too. What a wife!

So what’s the name of the new love in my life?


I could write hundreds of words to describe her, but as they say, a picture is worth a thousand …


Isn’t she lovely?

What I loved about the Voerstreek was the beauty of its gently undulating hills and fields…


Its multi-coloured forests and fields…


Its picturesque houses …


Its greenness and lushness …


Its quaint cafés…


Its leafy lanes …


Its flower-filled meadows …


See what I mean? Wouldn’t you love such a place?

I spent all day there, walking a 26 km circular walk. The area is covered with well-signposted footpaths, so you can do shorter walks. Many of them are child-friendly. It’s also very popular with cyclists on account of the network of cycle routes.

I’ll post more on the Voerstreek later: its six villages, its crazy geography (it’s part of Limburg, which is in Flemish-speaking Flanders, but it’s not connected to any other part of Limburg; it’s actually surrounded by French-speaking Wallonia!), and its equally crazy politics which has caused unrest and even demonstrations.

But in the meantime, here’s how to find the area.

If you have a car it’s simple. Just key “Plein, Voeren” into your GPS and off you go, right to the doorstep of the Tourist Office.

If you don’t have a car – or want to leave it at home – then take the train to Liège , the connection to Visé, catch the 39b bus to Voeren (remember from my Gent story how to get a bus ticket? SMS ‘DL’ to 4884. You’ll immediately get a return text from the De Lijn bus company. This is your ticket for the next hour) and get off at the “Kerk” stop in Voeren.

I hope this has whetted your appetite to explore this lovely part of Belgium. More coming soon!




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  1. Lovely,isn’t it, to have such an understanding spouse?!? I do agree with you that the Voerstreek is an absolute stunner and please enjoy the entire region, but then you ‘ll find out that the larger area has equally admirable scenery (the neighbouring Pays de Herve to the east and south and Dutch Limburg to the north and north east). Happy hiking! 🙂

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  2. Such an understanding wife! Perhaps you should take her along next time? 🙂 Sunshine lifts everything, doesn’t it? I have lots of places on my list still and won’t be taking this trip, but I’ll enjoy seeing them with you.

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  3. Hi there! Trying to do research on cycling routes that have beautiful landscapes and castles and I came across this area. One website mentioned you could pass about 120 castles on a route that takes you through the six villages……….but I am having a terrible time finding any blogs that mention this particular route. Yours has the most information that i have found so far 🙂 Do you happen to have any resources or websites for this?
    Would really appreciate any help!

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    • Hi Karis, I’m afraid that I have not heard about this route, certainly not in the Voerstreek. There are six main villages in this area, and it’s possible to make a cycle route through all of them, but I was unaware of it passing by 120 castles, unless they mean chateau in the broader sense of the word (very large houses). What website did you find this information on?


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