I walked out one cold and frosty morning

You can't beat a cold, frosty and sunny morning for a lovely Saturday morning walk

We have had a lot of cloudy, dull days in Belgium recently. So it was with a light heart that I woke up on Saturday morning to a blue sky, bright sunshine and a weather forecast that said it was going to stay like that all morning.

A quick bus ride to my destination and by nine o’clock I was out in the countryside enjoying some beautifully scenic combinations of sunshine, mist and frost.

Alas, by ten o’clock the sunshine had disappeared and a thick layer of cloud accompanied for the rest of the day. I’ll describe the walk and the route in a later post. But in the meantime, I hope you enjoy my best pictures during that hour.











22 comments on “I walked out one cold and frosty morning

  1. elskuijperstelenetbe



  2. Great pictures – 1st is my favourite

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  3. Thank you Kevin for your kind compliment.


  4. Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures. I enjoyed very much the misty scene in the countryside. There is a bridge in the last picture, it seems to invite me to take a walk in nature.

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  5. Lovely countryside! I can understand that you like walking there

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  6. Just looking at all that frost makes me shiver. You made the most of the sunshine while it lasted, Denzil. My favourite photo is the second last one.

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  7. Love that frosted leaf! 🙂 The sky can have so much impact on our frame of mind, can’t it, Denzil? It was beautiful and bright here most of the day so I’ve been out and about kicking those leaves again.

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    • Yes, Jo, a bit of sunshine and blue sky helps lift the spirits. On this walk I enjoyed an hour of sunshine and ambling along slowly, and then it clouded over and was chilly, so I decided to lift my spirits with a vigorous walk and ended up doing 30 km!

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  8. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing. All the best. Karen

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  9. Beautiful images. Lovely walk.

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  10. Wow, beautiful photos. Nothing beats a cold frosty invigorating morning walk.

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