Walking around Wonck

This post is a partner post to the one I wrote last week about The Tower of Eben-Ezer. I did this 10 km country walk around the village of Wonck in the morning, and then visited the Tower in the afternoon. In other words you can combine the two and enjoy a full day out in this region of east Belgium.

I parked in the car park at the Tower and followed this route I found on Wikiloc (thanks Monsieur Piette). It’s a very pleasant walk along quiet country lanes, across fields and through a couple of small copses, with some refreshing views over the undulating landscape of both Wallonia and Flanders (the walk is in Wallonia but we are right on the border here, looking into Flanders). Here are a few photos.












If it’s open, you could get a bit to eat and a drink at the Moulin du Broukay


All paths lead straight ahead!


Er … maybe not!





So there you are. An idea for a great day out by yourself, with friends, family …

… or partner.





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  1. I only took the time to look at both blogs briefly because Carol and I are on vacation together in Melbourne.

    It’s a beautiful place for a walk in this region ,i love the little hills and the little villages over there…beautiful scenery on your pictures Denzil !

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    • Hi Mary! Any friend of Carol is a friend of mine! I hope you both have a lovely vacation in Melbourne, and I hope Cyclone Debbie does not stray down your way. Thanks for your comments on my blog; much appreciated.


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