Hiking in Belgium Namur The Ardennes

The Valley of the Hermeton

An adventurous up-and-down hike through an Ardennes river valley

Starting from the church in Hermeton-sur-Meuse, parts of this 18 km walk are best described as “challenging” so I would not recommend it for young children. The reason is that there are some really steep climbs and descents – so steep that in a number of places, ropes have been helpfully provided to give you something to cling onto. But if you – and your older children – like a bit of adventure, and have good walking boots with decent tread and grip, then this is definitely a hike you’ll enjoy. However, I wouldn’t recommend doing it after heavy rain, when I would imagine some of the paths would be quite scary.

It starts off very easily, with a pleasant walk through the woods on either side of the river Hermeton.



Then the fun begins as you come face to face with the steep bits. I had the pleasure of the company of my youngest daughter Suzanna with me.


I must admit that the river valley itself isn’t the most picturesque – certainly not like the Valley of the Hoegne that I described recently. So we were both very pleased that we did an extra few kilometres that took us away from the river and up into the surrounding hills where we got some lovely views.


If you think I am exaggerating as to the inclines, here is the proof:


Have fun!

Here is the route on RouteYou.



15 comments on “The Valley of the Hermeton

  1. Looks like a lovely jaunt!

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  2. Nice countryside, really remarkably similar to here, in my corner of New York. That graph probably mirrors the hiker’s heartbeat pretty closely!

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  3. I remember a walk like this on my visit to Mt. Ranier. My friend sat down and said she’d wait for me to walk back up the very wet slope, assuming I didn’t fall on the way down, lol.

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  4. The views from the top certainly are pretty. When we did a walk like this, Mr ET kindly told me to go first. That way, he said, if I fell I wouldn’t take him with me. How thoughtful!

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  5. Looks like a nice hike! But I would need those ropes on the steep slopes for sure.

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  6. Not one to do in the current heat, either, Denzil! 🙂 🙂 Apologies for not being able to include it this week but it will certainly be there next week. I’m only just back from a weekend with my daughter. All well with you?

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    • No problem at all Jo; hope you had an enjoyable weekend. I’ve had to take some time off from the blog for a couple of months but hope to start increasing my regularity again in the coming weeks.


      • I did think you’d been missing Denzil, and was hoping it was pressure of work/family rather than health related. Glad you’re ok. 🙂


  7. Glad to see that you’re feeling better, Denzil. Quite a hike to this valley and worth the effort, it seems. I’m learning so much about Belgium and enjoying it immensely.


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