Brabant Wallon Cycling in Belgium

New cycling network is an (almost) great local resource in Brabant Wallon

Cycling enthusiast Kevin Mayne tries out the new cycling network in Brabant Wallon. It’s a welcome expansion of the Flemish system. However, some routes clearly need to be improved. And the interactive network map is not easy to use. Let’s hope these teething problems get solved, to encourage more cycling in Wallonia.

I Do Not Despair

Photo by Kevin MayneA series of new signs has been catching my eye on the way home from work in recent weeks.

Numbers in circles accompanied by arrows means that the long awaited spread of the Dutch-style node point cycle navigation system (Knooppunt) has started to spread from Flanders into Wallonia, in particular my home region of Brabant Wallon where they are called Points Noeuds.

That makes sense, because cyclists round here live close to the regional border and many of us have used the number based navigation system when we travel into Flanders and frankly it is a much more comprehensive system than the Ravel network of individual cycle paths that have been the standard in Wallonia to date.

I case you missed it, the idea is that the countryside is covered in junctions where nice cycling roads cross, so each of these is given a number. Then arrows at junctions…

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16 comments on “New cycling network is an (almost) great local resource in Brabant Wallon

  1. Finally, I’d say, expansion to the South!
    One remark though: the cycling nodes were not a Dutch innovation, but started in the Flemish province of Limburg back in 1995. The Dutch quick to copy it, that’s true.
    See: (only in Dutch)

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  2. It sounds like a great system.

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  3. I love that biking network in Flanders. Nice that it is reaching Wallonia as well.

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  4. Great news !

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