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The Belgian Coastal Tram

The Belgian Coastal Tram is the longest tramline in the world!

Whatever the weather – but maybe particularly in the winter months when walking along the promenade or on the beach isn’t so pleasant – a great way to explore the Belgian coast is by tram. That’s what Carol from The Eternal Traveller blog did, and here’s her interesting post:

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  1. A great idea and one of the items on my list. It should be fun to explore the deserted coastal towns in Belgium, taking a coffee in one of the rare shops that are still open. Belgium is a country with very pronounced seasons.

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  2. Nice of you to share this, Denzil. I missed it while I was in the Algarve. I love trams and would have been more than happy to hibernate on one when we were in Ostende 40 years ago. It was freezing! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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  3. Denzil, thank you for featuring The Eternal Traveler. I really enjoyed this post, first because I love trams and trains, and then because the photos and bits of history were all fascinating. Belgium is a country that takes advantage of its location against the North Sea and doesn’t let the weather intimidate it. Should we ever have the chance to travel, your beautiful country is on my list.

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    • Thanks Sharon. Although I have popped on and off the coastal tram over the years, I have never spent long on it. I am sure there are people who go from end to end. Apparently it takes 2 hours 20 minutes. If you then go back on it, that’s a lot of tram-sitting!

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