What to see in Leuven

A stunning stop-motion video of Leuven, and some Spring flowers in the Botanic Garden

I love the Flemish city of Leuven and think I know it fairly well, but recently I came across a video that made me look at it in a new light.

In addition, to celebrate (hopefully) the end of Winter, I also include a few Spring photos of one of my favourite spots in the city; the Botanic Garden.

Leuven in Motion by Basel Zobieda

This is a wonderful stop-motion video about Leuven by Basel Zobieda, a Syrian Belgian who has lived here for eight years. He used 15,000 photos and 250 videos from more than 50 different locations in Leuven. The video clearly demonstrates his photographic skills as well as his love for his home city.

Basel came to Belgium eight years ago just before the war in Syria erupted. He worked on the video for four months, usually in the evenings after his kinesiotherapy lessons at the University of Leuven.

There’s too many fabulous places pictured to mention them all, but in the video you can see the Town Hall, University Library, Old Market Square, Pope’s College, St. Peter’s Treasury with its 15th century triptych, Groot Begijnhof, Leuven Museum, various churches, parks, bars, the winter market and the Stella Artois factory.

Leuven Botanic Garden

It’s been a long, cold winter, and at times Spring seemed to be a long way off. But suddenly the temperature has risen, even into double digits, the edge has gone from the easterly wind, and the birds have started singing. Spring is just around the corner! And as a taster, here are some of Leuven Botanic Garden’s Spring flowers.

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  1. That’s an excellent video, and what an appealing town! And the garden photos, too. Still gray and cold here, but it’s still light now when I get home from work, and everyone’s going to really appreciate spring this year! πŸ™‚ I didn’t realize witch hazel grew in Europe.

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  2. Denzil, I needed this today! We had a snowstorm and I shoveled 12 inches of snow from our steps, and wielded the snowblower. Lovely video – what a work of art. And the flowers gave me hope for spring and warmer days to come. πŸ™‚

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  3. I loved the video and the spring photos as well. Leuven is a really gorgeous city but then you’ve also shown how beautiful and historic Belgium is. Your friend did a great job on the video, so exciting and well done. If I ever get a chance to travel to Europe…

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  4. I’m a gardener, and your photos at the botanic garden were stunning. My favorite was the picture of the single purple tulip – just beautiful! Loved this post of yours, Denzil!

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  5. What an amazing piece of work and a great tribute by its creator to a beautiful city. It is so clever to show it through the seasons, at different times of day and as people engage with it too. I was surprised to see your gorgeous Spring flowers too, I hadn’t realised you were ahead of us seasonally. A lovely taste of what we (hopefully) have to come. Thank you.

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  6. Still can’t believe I’ve never traveled in Belgium! You keep showing us all the historical and natural jewels. St. Peter’s Church in Leuven is such a rich confection of styles!


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