59 towns and cities to visit in Belgium

My good friend Hans De Keulenaer has created a list of 59 towns and cities to visit in Belgium. There’s now no excuse for wondering where to go on any weekend of the year!

They vary from the large well-known cities like Gent, Antwerp and Bruges to small, sometimes out-of-the-way or lesser known towns like Maaseik, Hoogstraten, Saint-Hubert or Huy. Each has a short description and a link to the town’s tourist office.

Coincidentally, Hans has a blog that is also called Discovering Belgium (on Blogspot) and is well worth a visit if you need some more ideas of where to go in Belgium.

Here is his list of 59 towns and cities in Belgium. Enjoy!

59 Towns and Cities in Belgium to visit

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  1. Nice list. I’ve been to only 24 of these towns (and live in one of them), that’s not even half of them! So much to see in this tiny country… It’s funny how to foreigners the distances are so small but to us Belgians, a place an hour away is far away! πŸ˜€

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  2. Hi Denzil – You’ve already “sold me” on visiting Belgium – – but this very nice list gives me a good idea, a town-a-week for a year-and-a-month. Now if I can just persuade my bosses to grant a thirteen month sabbatical.

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    • Well I realized my American history is pretty nonexistent. Never covered it at school. So I am putting that to rights. Just finished biography of Truman and am now on John Adams. Fascinating.


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