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View over the River Schelde to Antwerp cityOn the Discovering Belgium website are some personal recommendations of places to visit in the province of Antwerp.

Of course, they include the historic city centre of Antwerp, with a walking tour that takes in some of the city’s main sights.

Also covered are places like Kalmthout Heath and Kalmthout Arboretum. And let’s not forget a cycle ride along banks of the River Schelde, including some ferries from one bank to the other.

Sterckshof Silver Museum

Sterckshof Silver Museum. Windmills and owls

Antwerp has been an important silver production centre for five hundred years. This activity is based first and foremost on the fame of Antwerp’s many silversmiths and jewellers, restorers and silver collectors, but also on the city’s numerous vocational schools. The Sterckshof Silver Museum houses over 1400 silver […]

Mercator's 1569 world map

500 years of Mercator

Gerardus Mercator was a geographer, cartographer, scientific instrument maker and mathematician. Born on 5 March 1512, his mapping technique, the Mercator projection, changed the way people looked at the world. The quality of his maps was the envy of generations of mapmakers. His legacy, his projection of the […]