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visiting Gent

How to spend a day in Gent

Brunch, a walking tour, lunch, a castle visit, plenty of churches … and much more! How is it possible to spend just a day in Gent when it needs a week to do it justice? With apologies to Paul Simon, here are my eight steps to enjoy a […]

Vegan dining in Belgium

Guest blogger ‘The Bruges Vegan’ selects her three favourite restaurants in Belgium! Before she does, for an excellent overview of veganism, a great place to start is the Positive Health Wellness site, and particularly this article, Embarking on a Raw Vegan Lifestyle. Now, over to The Bruges Vegan: […]

Bourgoyen nature reserve, Gent

If your idea of a wild duck only extends to the mallards floating on the pond in your local park and greedily swallowing your stale bread, then a visit to the Bourgoyen nature reserve in Mariakerke, on the outskirts of Gent, will change your opinion. Choose a sunny […]