I have written four full-colour eBooks describing short walks around the Belgian countryside near Brussels. Each smartphone-friendly eBook includes:

  • Clear directions and map
  • Nature notes on fauna and flora
  • Historical notes on buildings
  • Questions and activities for children
  • Places to eat and drink
  • Colour photographs




“This Christmas my family and I (husband, three boys and parents) tried out your Neerijse and Leefdaal walks. We are all keen walkers and have used lots of maps, guides etc. in the past. We all found the books helpful, informative, and easy to use.” – Nicole Smith

The titles currently available are La Hulpe, Leefdaal, Tervuren and Neerijse. They are 2 EUR each.

La Hulpe (ISBN 9789081051446)

Contents include:

  • The history of Domain Solvay
  • Looking for roe deer and Siberian chipmunks
  • The Folon Foundation art museum
  • Butterflies along the Argentine
  • Which bird sounds like a squeaking piglet?
  • Who built the Château de la Hulpe?

Tervuren (ISBN 9789081051422)

Contents include:

  • What happened to Tervuren Castle?
  • How much weight can a sparrowhawk carry?
  • The legend of Saint Hubertus
  • A guide to the Royal Museum for Central Africa
  • What kind of animal is a Tervuren?
  • How to make bark rubbings

Neerijse (ISBN 9789081051439)

Contents include:

  • The fascinating life cycle of dragonflies
  • What’s a ragged robin?
  • The butterfly that looks different in the spring to the summer
  • Looking for signs of beavers
  • What plant was used to cure the plague?
  • Neerijse Castle through the ages

Leefdaal (ISBN 9789081051415)

Contents include:

  • The legend of Saint Verona
  • Where do butterflies go in the winter?
  • A short history of Leefdaal Castle
  • How to identify the yellowhammer from its song
  • What’s a conk?
  • The accidental discovery of Belgian endive

They can be purchased via PayPal for 2 EUR each. If you just want one eBook, use the button below and specify which eBook you would like in the instructions for seller box.
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If you want to purchase all four eBooks for 7 EUR, use the button below:

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