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  • Tongeren: The oldest town in Belgium


    When a town promotes itself as the oldest in Belgium, it’s tempting to wonder how much evidence of this claim is still visible. Visit Tongeren, and its credentials are right in front of you: city walls from the first century, and a Roman archaeological site from the fourth. It’s also got an excellent Gallo-Roman Museum

  • GR 571 Stage 2: Aywaille to Stoumont

    The GR571 follows the Chefna

    Stage 2 of the GR 571 featured steep ascents, great views, scary footbridges and some snow! And a lovely overnight stay at Maggie’s AirBnB in Stourmont.

  • When do the bluebells bloom in the Hallerbos?

    Hallerbos bluebells

    Get ready for a superb natural spectacle. Coming soon to the Hallerbos! Here you can find a map of where to go in the Hallerbos, and directions to the website that shows you which wild flowers are currently in full bloom.

  • GR 571 Stage 1: Comblain-au-Pont to Aywaille

    Grand Fawe near Oneux

    I set off on the first stage of the GR 571 long-distance path in the Belgian Ardennes. I quickly get confused as to which path to take, but the diversion gave me great views. Oh, the temperature was below zero! Brrr!

  • 2016: The year of the long-distance footpath

    Walking a GR long-distance footpath in Belgium

    Follow me over a few weekends as I walk the 165-km GR 571 long-distance footpath in the Belgian Ardennes. It’s just one of many long-distance paths that criss-cross Belgium. Will I complete it? Let’s find out.

  • Great website for Silly Walks

    the hills nearby Silly, Belgium

    If you want to explore the Le Tournaisis region of Belgium, this website is a good starting point. The whole area is worth exploring. It contains two natural parks, quaint villages, rural museums, chateaux, and a comprehensive network of country walks.

  • On your bike. In your boots

    Walking network signpost in Averbode

    An ingenious network of cycle paths and footpaths covers many parts of Flanders and makes it easy to devise your own unique cycling and hiking route.

  • Talbot House: A shelter amidst the storm

    Soldiers relaxing in Talbot house

    Talbot House in Poperinge is one of the most evocative First World War sites in Belgium. It was used by soldiers for rest and relaxation before returning to the Front. It’s still very much as it used to be 100 years ago.

  • 26th of December: April, June or September?

    wijgmaal, Belgium

    A Happy Christmas and a New Year full of Belgian Discoveries! Yes, it’s my final post of 2015. But what a strange day. 14 degrees warm, and in the direct sunshine, as hot as a day in June. Not good from the perspective of the planet’s climate, but so good to get some sunshine in December.

  • Langdorp: A trip down memory lane

    A flock of sheep on Averbode Heath

    A 14 km walk through forests, fields and heathland, and a visit to the past. Why? We used to live in Langdorp, over 20 years ago. We spent 3 years there, and I haven’t been back since. Will I recognize it? Will it have changed? Read on to find out!

  • Armistice Day 1918: What Happened Next?

    Flanders Fields reconstruction after Armistice 1918

    Armistice Day 1918 marked the end of the First World War. We tend to think “phew, that was that!” and believe that people could finally get “back to normal”. But to the Flemish returning to Flanders Fields, they were greeted by desolation and danger. It marked the start of a huge clear-up of the devastated landscape.

  • Outrelouxhe: Just because … I like the name

    Walking through the forests near Outrelouxhe, Belgium

    A 11 km hike through forests, along a river, with some unusual sights and gorgeous autumnal colours. This is the kind of walk I love: an area I’ve never visited before, so with all the anticipation of new discoveries. And there were plenty!

  • The tastes – and customer service – of Mechelen

    Mechelen chocolates

    Sense-Sations is an opportunity to sample the delights of Mechelen’s local food and drink specialties. I was invited by Mechelen Tourism to test it out. It was fun, and if you do it, you might be able to “click” with the shop assistants better than I did!

  • Grey day in Grez-Doiceau

    Bowls of chestnuts, freshly picked

    A 7.5-km walk around Doiceau, with opportunities to harvest the fruits of the wild. No, it wasn’t the sunniest day. In fact it was grey and getting greyer by the minute. But I came back with a big bag of chestnuts to cook for supper. Oh dear, that didn’t work!

  • St. Rumbold’s Tower, Mechelen: 538 steps to heaven!

    Saint Rombauts Tower Mechelen

    Looming over Mechelen market square is St. Rumbold’s Tower. You can walk right up to the top. Mind you, there’s 538 steps to climb. But it’s well worth the efforts, for the views from the top are breathtaking.

  • Keerbergen Mill: 309 years of green energy

    Keerbergen mill

    Keerbergen Mill is the last remaining mill of 76 that used to grind corn in the Dijle region. If you live in the neighborhood it’s worth taking a look at, although currently you can’t go inside.


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