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How to make a bee hotel from wooden pallets

How to make a bee hotel from wooden pallets

With bee populations declining, a bee hotel can provide all-year-round safe and secure accommodation for bees An expanded and updated version of this story is available here. Bee populations continue to decline worldwide. There are many, interacting reasons. These include climate change, intensive farming, land conversion to housing, […]

Kalmthout Heath, Antwerp

I never thought I would compare the region north of Antwerp to Scotland – until I visited Kalmthout Heath. If you get the chance to visit this lovely area, forget for a moment that you are only 20 minutes from the centre of Antwerp and just soak up […]

Wild orchids near Aarschot

I think orchids are wonderful. Not the huge ones stocked in florists, which seem to be more plastic than plant, but wild orchids. But, you say, wild orchids don’t grow in Belgium; aren’t they confined to the tropics? For the answer, go on this nature walk! The nature […]